When it come to ascending the mountain on a bicycle, I’m not sure how to described it, all I can says it’s probably one of those age old male trait of getting it done, needing to complete it, an ego booster, or simply climbing for the sake of climbing, in fact I really don’t know why I liked doing it, perhaps it’s the pain cave? the achievement or lack thereof? or the challenge? 

Then I remember George Mallory’s comment when asked why he climbed Everest, and his respond is simply;

"Because it’s there"

I reckon that summed it up perfectly, simply because it’s there was enough reason for me to ride the passes, humanity has always been trying to reach out, to leap before you look, to take risk, having says that, it’s not exactly a risk climbing Hardknott, it was as 48 hours prior to arriving in Cumbria, Hardknott was impassible covered in snow and black ices, I knew this but pressed on out of sheer stupidly (or braveness they’re in all honestly the same, you can’t have just the one).

It’s nice to go back to Wasdale Head and have their delicious local ales they made in-house usually named after the mountains nearby.

It’s even nicer when you rode all the way on an old bicycle after several hours worth of riding, the pints taste somehow lovelier.

I don’t want to stop riding.

Each checkpoint represent the place we stay the night until we reach Cumbria.

The Achievement.

I’ve just done over 600km in 3 days on a bicycle.

It hasn’t sunk in.

People has been telling me how impressed they are about what I (and Dan) have done, how they couldn’t possibly do such thing themselves, how such challenge is only reserve for the ultra fit individual with thigh the size of Argentina.

But I don’t feel that achievement, it was a challenge, it was hard, definitely, but looking back, it feel achievable, something that anyone can do if they simply put their mind to it.

In our modern society, we’re constantly putting ourselves down, being told we can’t do such ‘gigantic’ task, we can’t travel without a motorised vehicles, we need to have certain material in order to feel safe and comfortable, the world is too dangerous etc.

But in the end, human are capable of so much more, you needn’t be fit, have the right equipment, nor have the money, what you simply need is the strength of mind to do it.

People, be brilliant.