So I just did a 400k Audax last Saturday (260 miles completed in 23:35).

This year I have too many DNS due to both commitment and the new bike not being ready yet, the Asparagus & Strawberries is the perfect one to start my year with, lots of small rolling hill with almost no flat section, direct train from London, my first foray in riding through the night other than the Dunwich Dynamo.

Awesome if late start, one thing I love about Audax is that there’s no pressure, it doesn’t matter if you finish quickly, you’ll still get the same number of points as everyone, meaning you’re more likely to find someone actually pulling over to check on you if you got a puncture than in a sportive, the people are very much a mixture from the nervous first timer on a tandem to the veteran with their ancient Holdsworth and slightly misaligned cap. 

The lack of proper hill was surprisingly off putting as there was no moment where you can kick back and descend comfortably, or spinning happily on the flat for miles, it’s either a slight ascend, or a descent, but never flat, have already did a write-up on my sordid experience.

Can’t wait for the 200k and 600k in the next couple of months, especially the 600k in particular which happen a couples week before the London-Edinburgh-London audax.

Won’t be long before I embark in similar journey across the Andes.

Just need to figure out whether I should stick with the Thorn, or get a Pugsley, feeling the Pugsley love already…

I can never get used to the lifeless faces I see when I took the train every once in a blue moon, especially during the morning rush hour commute, the worse aspect of it is that it’s a mere choice to live and work that far apart.

I realised how much I truly enjoyed my commute by riding my bicycle everyday, I suppose it’s one of those rare commute that you want to look forward to every morning and evening.