I went to Copenhagen to visit the ex, lovely seeing her again but was such a bad timing as my head was anĀ origami to put it extremely mildly, one of those years I get incredibly barren from my own head.

Before I left, I made sure my weight should be about 70kg for her, she doesn’t says it, nor show it but I can just about tell she’s a tad worried, hard to tell sometime.

And now i’m fucking 64.2kg somehow managed by certain foods I’ve ate in Copenhagen, argh.


Worse thing is, I never venture below 77kg in my life.


Bit scary how quickly I lost weight after the three days tour, at the end of the tour I was 85kg, yet still look the same, as I was burning fat and replacing them with carbs to get enough energy to ride across England.

And now just a little under a week later, lost 7kg.