Adventure in Depressions

This comic blog that he wrote really hit it perfectly, especially this feeling I get when I finally snap out of it and go on the bike.

An oldie I know, but I can related to it.

Before I went to America, I learnt in life is to never take thing at face value, never listen to the tire old stereotype of a certain individual/nation and most importantly, never make a judgement, no matter how much you know the individual/nation.

My belief that everyone’s the same, the only difference is simply the ideology and accent that separated us is still being held at high regard, and I’m glad to still keep the same mindset after leaving America.

There’ll always be a bad seeds in every apple, we just need to ignored it and concentrate on the rest of the apple. 

Run logs.

Bit better.

Average Speed: 6.35mph

Calories Burned: 300.

Not that much of a difference, but hasn’t ate anything today apart from a banana at 11sm,

I’ve been hungry since last week yet still can’t stomach food, feel dizzy.

Moment like today I wish such thing does exist.