So I got a tattoo.

Nothing special really, nor completely unique, in fact it’s fairly simple, so simple it only took him 45 minutes to finish it and wrap it in cling fling so I can take it home with me to have later.

I knew it’ll be painful, especially from other’s experience, hell my friend had one on her ankle and couldn’t be anymore descriptive about the pain she experience many years ago in a bygone era, but the description couldn’t be anymore different, what most people hasn’t told you is the shock of the pain the moment the vibrating needle touch your skin, but eventually I no longer grind my teeth and settle down to reading a tattoo magazine halfway through, it was still very painful but I come to term with it and simply wait till it’s over.

I suppose in the long term, it work well for those who like a bit of pain, I know I do, abet not a lots mind, but I can understand how some people managed it pretty well, all they have to do is to simply control the pain they’re feeling, and it is painful, especially when your tattoo have a lots of black in them.

This is Dew, he’s responsible for inflicting the pain upon my calf.