Not only I love the bicycle (I owned similar), but the wooden mudguard is the best I’ve seen with it’s beautiful red underside.

A lots of people kept saying the same thing to me recently

"Get a Pugsley"

Everyone, well mostly from that one person but generally quite a handful of people seemed to encouraging me to get it, I’m starting to see why, my last bike that I used practically everyday on have a massive slick tyres on, and it were superbly comfortable, smooth, easy to roll and does not feel heavy as other make it out to be I also love riding off road on my rigid Kona mountain bike, but found the lack of suspension a little off-putting when trying to descent at speed, the idea of doing something like The Great Divide, a 2,770 miles off road tour across the Continental Divide appeal to me greatly as well as the Iditarod Trail, riding off road in the worse part of the world is something I always dreamt of doing but never though about it much due to the limitation of the bicycle, i.e. the skinny tyres in comparison to the Pugsley, hell if the huge wheel turn out to be a burden at certain scenario, I can simply build a 29ers wheelset for it.

Maybe one day I will get such bicycle, in the meantime I need to save up for a new camera to replaced the old professional compact one, such a shame as I rather put it toward the bicycle, but need must.

Each checkpoint represent the place we stay the night until we reach Cumbria.