The Survivor 2299

I’m sincerely hoping that this won’t turn out to be a fake.


Three letters, in capitals stand for "Did Not Finish" have a profound effect on me

The idea of not completing a ride due to inane issue such as mechanical, health, or just severe weather bother me so much that I occasional feel horribly desolated, unable to face anyone even thought they have little concern about a simple "bike ride", it’s the only thing I find myself from being out of control and were able to forget everything that’s happening and just concentrate on getting to the next controller.

I have to DNS (Did Not Start) The Dean 300k because of the severe weather warning of low temperature and heavy snow/rain, looking out of the window in London I kept telling myself I made the right choice but somehow I kept doubting it.

The next one is the 3Down 300k in a couple weeks time, I better have to make that one.

A car drives around a house that stands in the middle of a newly-built road in Wenling, Zhejiang province, China. An elderly couple refused to sign an agreement to allow their house to be demolished. They say that the compensation offered was not enough to cover rebuilding costs. Their house is the only building left standing on a road which is paved through their former village.

Picture - REUTERS/China Daily

I just ran 8.3km without stopping.

Shoelace came undone the first kilometre, didn’t mind.

Managed it in 53 minutes, not sure if it’s good or bad, I didn’t feel like I want to slow down, I didn’t feel out of breath, quite the opposite, I was calm, I didn’t want to stop but I was so malnourished that my legs has become jelly, blast that fucking legs.

Think I’m going to try and run as far as possible till my legs give up on me.

Moment like today I wish such thing does exist.