I have an ageing Sigma DP1 compact camera, not an easy camera to work with but it did get me precisely the result I wanted due to the ability of having a bigger sensor and the smaller size (depth of field and all that nonsense).

I used it more than my SLR camera, not because of conveniently but because of how people behave around such camera, the smaller camera mean people relaxed a bit, they don’t notice it that much, they think it’s just a typical cheap digital camera that everyone own, and that give me a result that often harder to get in professional camera; no forced expression.

Apart from the ducks in nightclub with their puffed up lips and make up thicker than the dust of the Chilean miners of course, there’s no escaping them.

An old camera somehow invoked a different reaction in people, since SLR camera give the notion of a wannabe photographer and compact digital’s a tourist, then the Fuji is the perfect balance between professional and informality.

The price tag doesn’t reflect that, especially when I paid a lots less for the Sigma (and a tiny bit more for the SLR), I got a lots to save up for the South America tour, but after handling one in Gatwick Airport’s duty fee section, I’ll be a fool not to.